Japan Dota Cup 2016 SEASON 1 – English

Welcome and Thank you for participating Japan Dota Cup 2016 Season 1
Tournament  Bracket released! 

Attention please

We are now on a day before Japan Dota Cup 2016 – Season 1 commences.
We are much appreciated for those volunteered on lobby making and your assistance to get the tournament going!
However, we still do not have people who have not replied and joined our Discord channel, we would like to make sure that you can access to our channel before tournament starts.
For those who have seen the email which should have arrived on 11th of April and received Discord URL, please make haste your way to the Discord channel.
For those who have not checked your email, please do so and come join us!
Thank you for your cooperation!


  • Tournament Information
    Tournament will be proceeded with Discord for text communication (no voice chat used).
    Representative of each team is required to connect to server #jdc2016s1 through URL attached on the email sent from admins.
    The name used on the Discord should be identical to tournament entry.

    The channel will consist of notification of Lobby Password and Result of the match.
    Lobby password will be notified as it follows: Team A VS Team B pass: ******
    * NOTE: For any inconvenience of tickets not being verified, team representative of upper bracket may need to start up the lobby to proceed the tournament.

    The Pick/Ban order will be determined by /roll command in the lobby chat box.
    Whoever rolls the larger number will be the first to choose the Radiant/Dire side or 1st pick/2nd pick.
    For example: Representatives of Team A and Team B rolls the dice and Team A wins the roll. If Team A choose the Radiant, Team B will decide the 1st pick/ 2nd pick.

    In Bo3 games, Game 2 will commence with reversed order of the 1st game. Game 3 will proceed same as Game 1.

    After the Match
    Team emerged victorious will report the result
    Example: Team A VS Team B — Team A win

  • Tournament Progessions:

    • Double Eliminations
      • Best of 1 until Upper Bracket
      • Best of 3 for Winners/Losers Bracket Finals and Grand Final

    In regards of starting times:

    Looking back at previous tournaments, should the tournament progress with first match commencing from 20:00pm or 21:00pm (GMT+9:00), there were occasions where tournament pass the midnight which may be inconvenient for some players.

    Also due to fact that some teams find difficulty of entering the tournament with total match dates are 6 days (including Fridays), we have changed the format so that the tournament dates are shortened to 4 days exclusively Saturdays and Sundays.

    With all that in mind, we are planning to begin first match from 19:00pm (GMT+9:00).

    *All time listed below are GMT+9:00

    ——————————— Week 1 ——————————————————-

    16th April (Saturday)

    19:00~ WB Round1

    20:00~ WB Round2

    21:00~ WB Round3, LB Round1

    22:00~ WB Round4, LB Round2

    17th April (Sunday)

    19:00~ LB Round3

    20:00~ WB Final game1, LB Round4

    21:00~ WB Final game2, LB Round5

    22:00~ WB Final game3 (if score is tie-breaker)

    ——————————- Week 2 ——————————————————

    23rd April (Saturday)

    19:00~ LB Round6

    20:00~ LB Final game1

    21:00~ LB Final game2

    22:00~ LB Final game3  (if score is tie-breaker)

    24th April (Sunday)

    19:00 Grand Final game1

    20:00 Grand Final game2

    21:00 Grand Final game3  (if score is tie-breaker)